The Hauns Hit Legoland!!!

On our vacation last month we surprised Trey with a visit to Legoland Florida on Thanksgiving Day. We had a coupon that would get Trey free with the purchase of an adult ticket and we figured the holiday would be less crowded. Not only was the park not very busy, but we had the good fortune of being given another free adult pass by a stranger. So all in all, we paid about $100 for parking and the three of us to enjoy the park.

I’ve got a zillion photos of the park itself but I figured I’d focus on ones of us enjoying the park. We hit all the big rollercoasters and most of the smaller rides and activity centers. Trey’s favorite was the laser tag style game/ride in the “Kingdoms” part of the park. It was very similar to the one found at the Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta.

Our favorite section of the park was Miniland – specifically the Star Wars Miniland. You can see my many photos of Star Wars Miniland on Flickr.