Hunter Museum of American Art

Our original Chattanooga plans were to visit Rock City and Ruby Falls. However, cold weather and ridiculous prices kept us away. Instead we spent the day at the Hunter Museum of American Art and Tennessee Aquarium. It was definitely the right decision; the experience was both educational and fun.

The art museum’s current exhibition was of Great Depression era documentary photographer Dorothea Lange’s images. It was very moving to see her beautiful, heart-wrenching work from nearly a century ago. We were also able to see two of her most iconic images: Migrant Mother and White Angel Breadline. The collection also featured works by several other FSA-era photographers.

Trey was very fond of the Louise Nevelson¬†Cascades – Perpendiculars XXVII piece. In his own form of performance art he asked that I photograph Heidi holding him horizontally hanging in front of Nevelson’s rigid, upright sculpture (see below).

Another one of our favorite pieces in the museum’s permanent collection was Paul Jenkins’ Phenomena Royal Violet Visitation. A single photo can’t do its size and vibrance justice. It’s also just a fun one to pose in front of for photos.

Finally, a commendation to the museum for its fantastic children’s activity book. By far the best one I’ve ever seen – so impressive looking that you almost don’t want your kid to write in it for fear of ruining the work of art. I hope they’ve won some awards for that little journal/workbook.