He Rooz Again!

Today Trey was coloring on his own and excitedly called me over to read a word he had written. It said “ROOZ.”

“Can you read it, Daddy?” he asked.

“Rooz? That’s not a word,” I replied.

“Yes it is. It says /rōz/” he pronounced.

“Oh! ROSE, like the flower.”

“No, rose, because Jesus rose!”

1 thought on “He Rooz Again!

  1. Nana

    I bet he is building on a principal we talked about when reading “Hop on Pop” together. When we came to words like ‘see’ and ‘bee’ I told him that the ‘e’ said its name when there are two of them. He’s learning and applying what he is learning.
    I’m so proud of him!!

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