Vuvuzela Fever

Trey sports a soccer shirtSince I’ve been back from South Africa I’ve been watching a good bit of soccer with Trey. He’s been a good sport letting me interrupt his daily screening of Curious George with FIFA games.

It’s been fun seeing him pretend to get into the games. He picks a team to cheer for based on color and if they score he assumes they won and the game is over.

When the US (white jerseys team) lost to Ghana (red team) I was quite devastated and asked him to turn off the TV. “It’s OK daddy. I’ll turn the TV back on and the white team will win!” he said. The following day he turned on the TV for us to see Germany (white team) play and when they scored he shouted excitedly “See! The white team did win!”

Trey shows off his new vuvuzela in FloridaWhen I travel I usually try to bring Trey back a musical instrument from the country I visited. On this trip I brought him the infamous vuvuzela – a plastic horn blown by thousands of fans at South African soccer games. Here’s a clip of Trey blowing his vuvuzela during the USA v Algeria game.

2 thoughts on “Vuvuzela Fever

  1. barbara

    Love it. Trey is looking like such a little man these days. Is that a pound puppy next to him?!

  2. Heidi

    @Barbara: Good eye. Indeed that is a Pound Puppy. I got it as a Christmas gift circa 1987. Love that my parents still have a few of our old toys for the next generation to enjoy.

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