Peepaw Turns 90

Bill Haun's 90th Birthday

On Friday Trey and I drove up to Sweetwater, TN to join my dad and brother David to celebrate Peepaw’s 90th birthday (on the 23rd). My dad brought a Dairy Queen ice cream cake (Peepaw’s favorite) for the occasion.

On Saturday Tommy and Betty Haun joined at the Dinner Bell (another favorite of Peepaw’s) and afterwards we ate cake back at the house. Then Trey, David, and I went down to the nursing home in Madisonville to visit Grammaw. She was in really good spirits that day and we had a nice time with her. I read the story of “Brer Rabbit and Da Tar Baby” to her and Trey and they both really enjoyed it.

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  1. Pat

    It looks like a great 90th birthday party! Thanks for posting the pictures and video. Wish we could have been there too.

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