Labor Day Rafting

Trey pulls Heidi in our inflatable raftWe spent our Labor Day on our neighborhood’s lovely Lake Wildwood. We pulled out the inflatable raft I bought last summer and took it out in the water.

We stayed in the shallow area (1-2 feet deep) so that Trey didn’t have to wear his life jacket. At first I pulled Trey back and forth in the raft. Then he insisted on pulling me. He actually did a pretty good job, our little muscle man! Then he and Heidi took turns pulling each other in the raft.

Trey pulls William in the inflatable raftLater we put Trey’s life jacket on and he and Heidi got in the raft. I hung onto the back and played the role of outboard motor (since we can’t all fit in it together). We went across the little cove to where the ducks hang out; we freaked them out a bit since they don’t normally get visitors over there.