Trey’s Fourth Day in France

Trey watches the abrivado in downtown Pérols, FranceThe week of Pérols’ festivities was still going on, so we headed downtown in the late morning to watch the abrivado. Abrivado is an event where men on horseback drive bulls down the main street of town. The now ceremonial event is an homage to the days before cattle trucks when bulls were herded from the pastures to the arenas down the main streets of the villages. In order to pull this off safely, the bulls were herded by a dozen or so men on horseback. You can see my photos from that event over on my blog at

Boats in the marina at Bouzigues, FranceAfter lunch we drove west to the coastal town of Bouzigues to get oysters for supper. Before purchasing the yummy little raw molluscs, we went to the beach. It wasn’t the prettiest beach since it was on the inter-coastal lagoon but the water was warmer than the actual sea had been recently. If you missed it, be sure to read our earlier post about buying & eating the Bouzigues oysters.