4th of July in Augusta

Matthew & Trey on the bank of the Savannah River in Augusta waiting for the 4th of July fireworksAfter two days of visiting the last of our state parks, Heidi, Trey and I ended up at my good, old friend Matthew’s house in Augusta. I’ve known Matthew since 1989 when our parents sang in the choir together at First Baptist Church in Winder, GA. Matthew and I would hangout during choir practice and discuss all things important in life like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and New Kids on the Block.

Fireworks over the Savannah River in Augusta on July 4, 2009Matthew and his family let us stay the night at their place and we all went downtown to tailgate & watch the fireworks show down by the river. Trey hadn’t napped all day and didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before so we were anticipating a meltdown before the night was over. However, he held up quite well until about half-way through the fireworks when he finally passed out.

A special thanks to our good friends in Augusta for hosting us and providing some great entertainment!