Kolomoki Mounds Historic Park

The great temple mound at Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Historic Site in Georgia.Georgia has 6 registered historic Indian Mounds sites, but only 3 are public parks – Ocmulgee is a National Monument and Etowah and Kolomoki are State Historic Parks. Last weekend we hit Kolomoki Indian Mounds on our trek through the southwest corner of Georgia.

We skipped the park museum (there was a $4/person fee and I’m never too impressed by the collections of Indian artifacts – nor is Trey) and headed straight to the nature trail leading to the great temple mound. The park has a total of 7 mounds but most of them just look like bumps in the ground (one we couldn’t even find). These mounds are supposedly the oldest ones in Georgia and date as far back as 250AD.

As usual, Trey got a kick out of climbing the “mountain” and the view from the top was pretty neat.