Goodbye, Penguins

While at the Dogwood Festival I met artist Greg Stones and fell in love with his work. He creates miniature watercolor paintings of absurd and humorous situations – most involve penguins, zombies, mermaids, aliens, and/or flashers. His booth at the festival had everyone that passed by stopping, looking, then laughing out loud.

He had a children’s book called “Goodbye, Penguins” for sale that I bought a signed copy of for Trey. It follows 15 penguins as they disappear one by one (some more tragically than others). While definitely a bit twisted, Trey absolutely loves it. His favorite frame is the robot one and he laughs out loud every time the penguin falls in love with the mermaid.

Below is a slideshow he’s done of the entire book. My only complaint is that the images aren’t left up long enough for you to catch all the genius subtleties. You may want to re-watch it and pause on each scene. There are some penguin poops that will definitely get you chuckling.

You can check out his great art over at plus watch the slideshow of his follow up book “Zombies Hate Stuff” on YouTube.