Cochran Mill Park

Trey on the banks of Bear Creek in Cochran Mill ParkOne of the reasons I blog about all the parks Trey and I visit is in hopes that the info and photos will be of use to others looking for outdoor excursions. I learned of this park from another local blogger who also posts photos of her outdoor adventures. Thanks for the tip Fluffy Flowers!

This park is located southwest of Atlanta in the Chattahoochee Hills and has a great playground, several miles of trails, and a nature center. We arrived too late to visit the nature center (it closes at 3pm) but we’ll be sure to return because the hike was so enjoyable and there are some cool animals at the center.

The playground at Cochran Mill ParkAfter a picnic and fun on the playground, Trey and I hiked into the woods and followed a trail along Bear Creek. The trails led us to the remnants of Barry Cochran’s original mill from the 1800s. There were also some ruins from the 1940s that were used by the property’s last owner Hiram Evans. Evans was an Imperial Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan and used the land for their secret meetings. I found it funny that on the “Friends of Chat Hills Parks” website there is this image of some less-controversial, modern day “wizards“.

All in all, it is a great park that I highly recommend anyone in the Atlanta Metro area visit!

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  1. Jamie

    Hey William,

    I have to tell you that I really enjoy your evaluations of the parks in your area. My mom recently moved to TN. The last time we went to visit her we ended up at a burger king playground so Tyler could unwind (not the best choice). I will be checking out your site before our next trip. Thanks man,

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