Festivaling with the Lowerys

Trey on a ride at the Cherry Blossom FestivalLast night Mike, Rachel, and Allister came down from Decatur to visit with us and attend today’s Cherry Blossom Festival events. We hit the downtown area first and watched the bed race. It was quite disappointing in that only about 5 teams raced and their “beds” looked more like floats from a parade. We didn’t hang around for the lawn mower race but Heidi got to see one of the participants in the ER later (see photo from macon.com).

Allister Lowery on a ride at the Cherry Blossom FestivalAfter lunch and the race, we headed down to Central City Park to the fair. Trey was very excited to get to ride a couple rides. He and Allister rode a car together first and later in the afternoon they rode on a boat. Allister was pretty tired at that point and didn’t have as much fun. The cutest moment of the day was when Trey tried to console Allister by patting her on the back as she cried on the ride.

Other highlights included sea lions, a doggie disc catching competition, a dog fashion show, and lots of big motorcycles with big riders and their big partners.

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  1. Jenny Carlson

    Believe it or not, I was in a “bed race” when I was about 13 yrs old, in St. Pete, FL. I believe it was part of Festival of States but not positive. I was the lukcy one who got to sit on the bed while the others pushed.

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