Big & Little Talbott Island State Parks

A seagull looks over the north shore of Big Talbott Island State Park in northeast FloridaNortheast Florida has several state parks all crammed together in one area. I’m not sure why they are all separate (one state park is a fishing pier between two other state parks). We visited Big Talbott Island and Little Talbott Island yesterday – each is its own independent park.

Big Talbott Island’s north shore is covered with giant trees that have fallen down due to erosion of the shoreline. The trees dry out in the hot sun but then are soaked at high tide. This causes them to dry out and create some very interesting textures. We spent a good amount of time digging in the sand and climbing the trees.

Little Talbott Island’s beaches are huge, empty shores of sand. Sand, sand, sand. Not much vegetation at all. We played on those shores splashing in the tidepools until the sun had just about beaten us to death (though Trey was ready and willing to keep playing).