Grammaw is Sick. Peepaw is Sad.

Trey visits Grammaw at the hospitalTrey and I have been in Sweetwater for the past week helping care for my grandparents. We had originally planned to come up for the weekend to celebrate my grandfather’s 89th birthday, but Grammaw fell ill and was hospitalized in Knoxville so we came up last Tuesday. I brought her home Wednesday, but had to take her back to the hospital and spend the night in the ER with her on Thursday. She’s been there since.

We stopped to watch the train go by on the way to the hospital one dayIt has been hard juggling the routines of a 2 year-old, 89 year-old, and hospitalized 91 year-old. Complicating matters more is the fact that they need some one to care for them full-time once she is discharged. Almost all our family and extended family agree that an Assisted Living facility is the best option but it has been hard getting them to go in that direction. I’m working on coordinating her transfer to Assisted Living and at the same time trying to convince them it is the best option.

Feeding the ducks at the Sweetwater Duck ParkThis morning I dressed Trey and explained to him that he’d be going to Aunt Betty’s so that we could visit Grammaw in the hospital. He looked up at me very seriously and said “Grammaw is sick. Peepaw is sad.” There was something about the way he broke down this complex and stressful situation into something so simple and true. It broke my heart and at the same time reminded me that those are the two things I need to focus on right now. Nursing her back to health, and cheering him up. Thanks Trey!

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  1. mitzi

    From the mouths of babes….
    we are praying for you, and are serious about trey staying with us to play while you are at the hospital. just call, we’ll be around all week and weekend!!! love yall

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