Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from the Hauns!This year’s Christmas was very different than last years’ for Trey. Last year it there was no other family around, just Trey and his parents, and he didn’t get many gifts or toys. The biggest thing last year and this year have in common was the heat!

Heidi had the week off from work so we drove down to Florida to spend the holiday with her family. We stayed at her parents’ house along with Heidi’s brother Kenny, her sister Rachel, and Rachel’s boyfriend Erin. On several evenings Heidi’s sister Annie spent the night as well – so it was a packed house!

Trey loved all the attention he got from his relatives who hadn’t seen him in a while. He also loved the musical instruments he received as gifts. His grandmother gave him a two-octave mini-piano and his uncle gave him a harmonica. There will be plenty of noise coming from the Haun house this new year.

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