Small Town, U.S.A.

Yatesville, GA is a tiny town on the highway to Thomaston just 25 miles from our house. We’ve driven through it a couple times when we’ve gone to Sprewell Bluff State Park. Its downtown area and old buildings always caught my eye so we decided to make a visit to explore a bit more.

Heidi actually got off work early today so she came along too. This was great for Trey and for me- I got to spend more time on photos and Trey got some quality time with mommy.

We walked up and down the mainstreet and stopped at a the hardware/grocery store where Trey got a 10cent lolipop. We’ll be returning on October 25th for the town’s 26th Annual Chitlin’ Hoedown. Chitlin’s, also known as chitterlings, are pig intestines that are boiled then deep fried. If you don’t know what a hoedown is don’t bother going to Instead hit up wikipedia.

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