At the Aquarium with Grandaddy

My dad is in Atlanta this week for an IMB trustee meeting and he had the afternoon off. So we drove up to Atl, picked him up, and headed to the GA Aquarium. This is our second visit to this enormous water world. We went last year, when Trey was a mere 9 months old and my camera was a mere 2 days old.

Trey definitely appreciated the experience more this time. He also thoroughly enjoyed the extra attention his grandfather provided. I was glad to get a bit of a break and focus on some photography.

One photo I was especially pleased to get was of Trey “talking” to the same grouper I photographed him with last year. Looking at the most recent image, I like to think that Trey is telling the fish about all the adventures he has had in the past year and a half.

2 thoughts on “At the Aquarium with Grandaddy

  1. Rick J

    How you all doing? Trey’s a little man now. Great shot in the banner. I have the first pic hanging in the den. The family’s heading up that way in November…for Thanksgiving, we’re going to “West Virginia … Mountain Mama … Take me home … country roads” and all that. Take care you all…

  2. Lauren

    I LOVE this entry! It makes me really excited, because we’ve been thinking about taking Mac during Matthew’s next vacation. He is so fascinated by and in love with the ocean, fish, dolphins, etc. Out of curiosity, how long were you guys there?

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