A Day in Decatur

decatur-06.jpgThis morning Heidi had to attend some training at Emory University Hospital in Decatur, GA so early in the morning we packed up and drove north towards Atlanta. While she was learning how to cut people open with robots Trey and I went searching for a couple Atlanta city parks. Turns out our task was more challenging.

Apparently Atlanta residents don’t want people to know where their neighborhood parks are. After giving up on our attempt to find the Lullwater Conservation Garden we made our way over to the Herbert Taylor Park. Along the way Trey’s stomach decided it didn’t like the yogurt he’d had for breakfast so it took the two of us quite some time to finally get to the park. Once there we found it to just be a gully with some hiking trails and a gazillion mosquitoes. Towards the end of the hike we found a tire swing that was the highlight of the park.

With still an hour to go before Heidi finished, we head over to the WD Thomson Park and after lots of U-turns and dead ends we found it tucked away in another wooded area. This park actually had a playground. Whew! Mission accomplished.

After picking Heidi up we got a call from our friend Mike Lowery and realized that his family had just moved to Decatur only days prior and was just minutes away. So the not-so-great morning turned into a great afternoon of hanging out and catching up with friends. Thank goodness for those Loweries!