Trey Goes to the Movies

Wednesday was a big day for Trey – he went to the movies with me to watch Wall-E. Technically, Trey has been to the movies before, but this time he was actually watching (and enjoying) the film.

Watching Wall-E with Trey was a wonderful experience. Since it was a 2pm showing on a school day we had the entire place to ourselves. The film was perfect for a 2 year-old who has no understanding of plot and wouldn’t appreciate a lot of dialogue. The characters’ expressions and actions were perfectly choreographed and Trey was cracking up at the funny parts, and covering his eyes at the scary parts. He even threw out a couple “Wow”s at some of the breathtaking scenes in space.

Having Trey sit on my lap, munching on crackers, and sipping his juice as we both enjoyed a beautiful work of art together is something I’ll be remembering for a long, long time. I’m tempted to not take him to anymore movies because this cinematic memory is so perfect.

1 thought on “Trey Goes to the Movies

  1. Granddaddy

    I remember the first movie we took William to – the Jungle Book. William was four and SO EXCITED. He loved it.

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