Jarrell Plantation Folklife Celebration

Map of Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site in Juliette, GeorgiaWhat better way to celebrate Labor Day than go to an old plantation and pay to see people dress up and pretend to labor! Heidi was on call today so it was just Trey and me that headed 30 miles up the road to Jarrell Plantation, a state historic site. We really enjoyed meandering around the grounds stopping to see the different “booths” they had setup.

It’s hard to pick what was Trey’s favorite. He loved the mule and sheep that we first saw. Then that was topped by a couple selling herbs and singing folk songs while he played the spoons. Trey sat on a hay bale entranced by that for a long time. Even cooler than that was the old 30hp steam engine that was running. The workshop man let Trey pull the string to let the steam out the whistle. I had a hard time getting our little boy away from that “toy.” The grand finale was two men playing more folk music – they won Trey over by playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and then gave him his own personal concert. It was a perfect ending to a fun outing and he quickly fell fast asleep on the drive back.

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