The Rewards of Getting Lost


Today Trey and I planned on visiting Arrowhead Park but found it to still be closed after the tornadoes last May. So instead I headed 15 miles south to the L.H.Thomson factory. Why visit a bike parts factory? This great company not only makes seat posts and handlebar stems for the world’s top bicycle manufacturers but they’ve created a bunch of trails on their property that they let the public use.

thomson-trails-05.jpgWe got a map and started on the trails. After a while we were deep in the woods and we stopped to take a break. It was then that I realized I lost my map. We kept wandering down various trails but they began to become more and more overgrown. Eventually we were completely lost and just trekking through brush.

thomson-trails-07.jpgAfter a good hour of wandering we stumbled out into a field of dying sunflowers. Trey had a blast walking through the rows of flowers twice his height. After some photos we found a road and followed it back to our car. Despite the exhaustion and sun burns we had a great time and learned two important lessons: don’t loose the map and ALWAYS wear sunscreen – even when you don’t expect to need it.

I’ve posted some gloomier sunflower photos on my blog.