Sesame Street – It’s a Sign!

We’ve posted in the past about our decision to keep Trey’s exposure to TV to a minimum until he reaches 2 years of age. He’s got less than a month to go and we’ve made our first exception.

In our new home in Georgia we get cable TV and get a crisp, clean PBS signal. Every weekday at 9AM Sesame Street comes on. Trey’s vocabulary has been exploding these last couple weeks and he is piecing together more and more coherent sentences. I decided to give Sesame Street a try because of its emphasis on numbers, letters, and words (and its lack of advertising).

When I turned it on for him yesterday he wasn’t all that interested at first. And then… REM came on singing “Furry Happy Monsters” – Trey’s favorite YouTube Video! He was instantly hooked. It’s a sign! It was meant for Trey!

Then today I turned it on and Bill Irwin was on the Elmo segment. “Bill Irwin? Who’s that?” For all you Northern Exposure fans, he played the mute Enrico Ballati, “The Flying Man”, who wooed Marilyn in a couple classic episodes. It’s a sign! It was meant for me!

1 thought on “Sesame Street – It’s a Sign!

  1. Daddy

    I’m glad you’re letting him watch Sesame Street. I credit it with William learning to read at an early age. He was 2 and I had him with me in the bank. He pointed to a tellar’s sign and said – “There’s an A” I thought, sure, any letter is an A. So I told him to show me some other As and he pointed out – correctly – As all over the bank. He had to have learned it from Sesame Stree since we had not worked with him on that.

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