A Trippin’ Family Portrait

The 2008 Haun Family PortraitJust before leaving Florida we got our family photo taken for the Seminole First Baptist Church directory. LifeTouch was doing the photos for the church and I’d have thought that company with 70 years’ experience in professional portraiture would have done a better job. The photographer did fine but whoever printed the thing really screwed up.

My tripped out psychedelic shirt

Take a look at the closeup of my shirt. That is a photo I took of the actual 8×10 print we received. I’ve seen patterns like that when images are compressed on small LCD screens but I didn’t know it was possible on physical prints. Very creative LifeTouch, very creative!

2 thoughts on “A Trippin’ Family Portrait

  1. Tyler Ross

    Wow, looks like you dipped your shirt into one of those rainbow oil/water mixtures you see when you pull into a 7/11 parking lot. Either that or you’re just sweating oil.

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