Tourist in Your Own Town

tourist-in-town-01.jpgHaving just become Georgia residents we found out that Macon had an event on Friday night called “Be a Tourist in your own Town”. From 5-9pm on Friday night all the museums and historic houses in town were free to Macon residents. We decided to take advantage of our new Georgia licenses and visit a few.

tourist-in-town-03.jpgWe went to the Macon Museum of Arts & Sciences and the Georgia Children’s Museum. The Children’s Museum was insanely chaotic so we didn’t spend much time there. It think every kid in Macon was at that one. The Museum of Arts & Sciences was much less crowded and offered TONS of little education stations for Trey to explore. He colored, he played with globes, he saw a giant stuffed polar bear, and a whole bunch of tamarins.