Trey at the Great Sand Dunes

Payton said that the Great Sand Dunes were the 7th wonder of the world. While that is a bit of a stretch I would put them in the top 25. It is amazing to see so much sand right next to snow capped mountains. Even more impressive is the unique ecosystem that they create. There are at least seven insect species only found on these dunes and the creek that flows around the dunes magically pulsates and then mysteriously disappears into the sand.

But, Trey didn’t care about any of that. He just liked the fact that he could throw pine cones in the stream and jump in after them splashing water into the air. Trey had so much fun that when his poor chapped lips cracked and he began to bleed all over his mouth and chin he wouldn’t let us take him back to camp to clean up. He insisted on ignoring the blood and continued playing to his heart’s content. “It’s just a flesh wound.”