Sawgrass Lake Park

Today Trey and I set out to find Sawgrass Lake Park. You would think 400-acres of a nature preservation would be easy to spot in St. Petersburg. That isn’t the case; this one is really tucked away.

We spent most of our time walking along the boardwalk and going up the observation tower over the lake. The highlight of our trip came when we got to see some baby alligators. I was photographing them and Trey was peering over the edge of the rail when I heard him say “Ah-ee-ah-oor!” (that’s “alligator” in Trey speak). His exclamation was quickly followed by an “uh-oh.” I turned around and Trey was looking at me distressed and squealed “paa-see” (“pacifier”) and “wah-gah” (“water”).  I looked over and there was his binky floating near a 6-foot gator.

Sorry Trey, I’m not going in after it this time.

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  1. Mona, Emily & Abby

    Well, the satellite dish is out so our Friday night entertainment is looking at the Haun websites. We’ve had fun making up stories of what really happen when you took the pictures. And for the last picture we decided you must have told Trey the rides are just around the corner. (-:

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