“Uh Oh” Instead of “Mommy” or “Daddy”

Trey Drops His Pacifier in the BottleTrey has 3 words he is slowly perfecting.  “Uh Oh”, “Hi”, and “Hot”.  He can say them all, he just doesn’t quite have the context of the words down just right.

Today when he dropped his pacifier in the 5 gallon water bottle he looked at me and said “uh oh”.   Looks like he has that one down just right!

2 thoughts on ““Uh Oh” Instead of “Mommy” or “Daddy”

  1. Lauren

    Mac would look at us and say “Mama!” or “DaDa!” as was appropriate, but he would also look at the window and say ‘dada’…or get angry and say ‘ma-ma-ma!’ His first real word was “car.” “Uh Oh” is so precious – I think it’s basically one of the cutest things a kiddo can say.

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