Birthday Bash Coming Up!

Trey’s 1st Birthday Party Invitation Is it possible? Have 12 months already come and gone? This coming Tuesday Trey turns 1 and this Saturday (Aug. 18th) we’ll be throwing a party for him at the park (click invitation image to the left).

We’ve setup a “1st Birthday” page on the site which will be dedicated to pictures and videos from that event. This week we’ll also try to post a couple of our favorite videos and photos from his first few weeks just to make you all say “oooo”, “aaawww”, and “he’s so tiny!”

For those of you joining us this Saturday at 5pm at Walsingham Park under pavilion #7, don’t worry about getting him a present. With our upcoming move to Africa (more on that later), we won’t have space to bring a lot of toys.