Trey Gets a New Blogging System! Oh, Joy!

WordPress LogoFor over a year and a half we’ve been using a program called Nucleus to run Trey’s blog. It served its purpose quite well, but now that Trey is turning 1 we feel we need to step things up a notch.

As of now we are running this site off of another open source system called WordPress. WordPress has a lot more functionality than Nucleus and is much easier for us to use. Here’s a break down of some of the new features you can enjoy:

  • Bigger Pictures – before we were limited to pictures that were 400px wide. Now we can go up to 500px wide and also add picture popups (click it!).
  • Easier Archives Browsing – head over to the Archives section and you will find a much easier (and cooler) way of digging through our past posts.
  • Share This – click the “Share This” icon under any post and you can easily email the post to a friend or bookmark it in a dozen different web services (I recommend you check out
  • Comment Memory – add a comment and the next time you add one it will remember your basic info to save you time
  • Recent Comments – on the sidebar you can see a list of the latest comments that have been posted on the website by visitors
  • Search – in the sidebar you can easily search for keywords in all of our 230+ posts