What does your babysitter do when you aren’t around?

Heidi’s sister Annie and her husband Jon baby sat Trey several weeks ago so that we could attend a wedding. Just recently I found this image in PhotoBooth on my Mac. Were they torturing Trey?

To give them their credibility back, I’ll explain. For a while, Trey was petrified of Jon. So when Jon asked Annie to take a photo, it involved getting near Jon who had the laptop. Trey did not like getting near Jon.

2 thoughts on “What does your babysitter do when you aren’t around?

  1. Auntie Annie

    Trey is no longer afraid of Jon!! He actually laughed at him and allowed him to be almost a foot away at the picnic. Progress!! We really do take good care of him…….that picture makes me look like an awful person. I have a huge smile, while Trey looks tortured. Thanks for trying to save our rep, Willy!!

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