Photos from Sweetwater, TN

Here are our photos from our trip to see my grandparents in Tennessee last week.

4 thoughts on “Photos from Sweetwater, TN

  1. christine

    I love the pixes of Trey of course because he’s so darn cute, but I really love the opening "night" photo. colors are perfect and it’s so crisp. whichever one of you two amazing photogs took it: Kudos to you!

  2. Tyler and Amy Ross

    The farm pictures look like they were taken on a miniature set. Pretty incredible.

  3. Kathy Little

    What great pictures! You really have a way of making us go "wow" at the everyday sights of our world. I don’t know if I’m typically too busy to notice or if it all just looks better through the lense of your camera! But thanks for sharing your joy of discovery with us!

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