3 Small Steps for Trey…

…One giant excited dad!

Trey walks to William

Twice in the past couple weeks Trey has taken a single step to get from one place to another. However, among the great philosophical questions in life is that of “How many steps defines walking?” 1 step? 2 steps? 3 steps? 4? (Am I reading a Dr. Seuss book?).

We’ve decided 3 steps is the minimum requirement and we are thrilled that Trey has started walking the day before he turned 8 months old (much like when he crawled the day before turning 6 months).Today Trey pulled himself up to stand by the wall, then turned around, held his hands out and took three steps towards me. I instantly turned into “that parent who gets excited about anything” that I swore I’d never be and had to call Heidi immediately to let her know the news.

The same day he also stood for about 15 seconds on his own in the middle of the room. He would have probably stood longer but he got very excited and began waving his arms and lost his balance.

Trey stands alone

Hooray for Trey!

2 thoughts on “3 Small Steps for Trey…

  1. Jamie

    My wife and I had the same conversation recently about how many steps define walking. We never really came up with an answer. I think we will go with your 3 step requirement…:)

    Good job Trey on going vertical!!

  2. Lauren Threadgill

    That is so awesome! Congrats to Trey for walking and to William and Heidi for having a genius baby! :o)

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