Five Months Already?

Laughing, rolling, bouncing, reaching, cooing, sucking on his toes, smiling, sitting (almost)…these are Trey’s favorite things to do. It is amazing how excited I get over the smallest achievements, but I realize that minute milestones quickly add up to new skills and new ways to see the world. Trey loves rolling over now. Any time we leave him alone for a couple minutes, we’ll find him on his belly looking around and reaching for toys. When it’s time to sleep, he also rolls onto his belly. No matter how much I try to roll him back over, or even to his side, I’ll find him on him on his belly later. Today I found him with his knees tucked under him, bottom up, fast asleep.

Before Christmas, my cousin let Trey borrow her son’s “excersaucer.” It resembles a walker, but it is stationary with a tray that is filled with 360 degrees of buttons and rattles and toys. Trey loves it. We even brought it up to Richmond with us because he has such a blast playing in it. We also finally put together his “jumperoo.” It took him a little while to get used to jumping, but once he figured it out…he couldn’t stop. To add to the fun, he has begun squealing—high pitched, pig squeals, full of gusto. He first started while in the stroller as I was Christmas shopping. I had to stop to make sure he was OK. His giant smile and another squeal let me know he was just testing out his vocal cords.

While traveling over the holidays, I used the pacifier to keep Trey relatively quiet at night, but found myself plugging it back in every couple hours. I was very excited the other day to see him wake up from a nap, spot his pacifier, reach for it, put it in his mouth, lay his head back down and fall back to sleep. Since we have been home, he has begun to sleep much better and is back to his routine of sleeping until 11:30 or midnight to eat, then sleeps until 7:30 am. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to phase out the late night feed.

On a sad note, Trey had his first fever at 4 months after his shots. He got over the fever in a couple days. I almost think that it bothered me more than it bothered him. Other than his short-lived fever, he has remained healthy and strong. We thank God for that.

The other day I decided to test Trey’s sitting skills. At first he was only able to avoid a face-plant into the blanket for a few seconds, but now he is sitting alone for nearly five minutes at a time. He has begun to realize that his hands will bring things to him and he is constantly reaching for toys, dishes at the table, my hair, etc. Another new skill is spinning on his belly. He spins the most when he is searching for a toy or his pacifier and is usually successful in retrieval. He still loves standing and bouncing on our laps. We’ve tried letting him stand alone, but within moments, he is tipping to one side or another.

What an amazing gift Trey has been in our lives. We have so much fun sharing him with all of you.