Haun Annual Christmas Card Ships!

Click for larger imageWe’ve mailed off the last of our annual Christmas cards and like last year’s we opted to go with a video on DVD. This year’s Christmas video was done almost entirely in stop-frame animation with baby blocks (there is some actual video of us at the end). I’ll be posting in a couple days once most folks have had a chance to receive their DVDs. (click the image to the left to see our “animation studio” setup)

We also added a ton of extra stuff on the DVD – after all you’ve got 4.7gigs of space on there. Why let it go to waste? The Christmas Card teaser trailer is on there as well as some of our failed animation experiments. There is a “Year in Review” section with all the videos I have made this past year. Finally, there is a “Christmas Past” section that has all the past Christmas videos as well as narrated clips showing Christmas cards we handmade all the way back to 1999. That is one overstuffed Christmas package!