The Perils of the Home

First it was bees now black widows!

Heidi was cleaning in the pantry and spotted this little devil. She had a nest full of eggs and did not want us messing with it. We caught her in a jar and plan to take her to the Natural Sciences instructor at the college (he inherited the bee combs last week).

In the past I would have said “Cool!” when I spotted such an impressive and dangerous creature in my house. Now with Trey around these things are no longer cool. Heidi and I have the same instinctive urge to protect our nest as the black widow does. Sorry, black widow, we’re bigger so we win.

1 thought on “The Perils of the Home

  1. Jamie

    Yikes!!! I am so afraid of spiders that If i find one in the house I have to call my wife in to take care of it.

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