Free of Bees

I found where the bees were coming from yesterday and it wasn’t good. They were getting into our ceiling space through a small opening in the eve on the backside of our house. Kenny, my brother-in-law, came over and we tore out the soffits to find not one, not two, but THREE honeycombs and thousands of bees under the roof.

Normally you rob the nest of its honeycombs and kill the queen and then the bees leave on their own. Being a Saturday (exterminators are hard to find and very expensive on weekends) and considering the fact that they are getting into the house (with my allergy I can’t risk Trey getting stung) we couldn’t go with the environmentally sound option. We sprayed some potent bug spray up inside and a couple hours later they were all dead.

Today Kenny and my father-in-law came over to help clean the ceiling space out. Luckily the insulation kept the honey from soaking into our sheet rock ceiling. Kenny vacuumed the dead buggers out and we put in new insulation and new soffits. Now we are bee free and have shiny white vinyl soffits around back.

Thanks Kenny and Ken for saving our house from becoming a honey factory, and a special thanks to my uncle Bruce, an ex-exterminator, for his very helpful advice throughout the whole ordeal.