Trey’s Room

Trey still hasn’t shown up, but it has given us plenty of time to finish his room. We decided to be a bit creative with the nursery and go with a global theme. Heidi made the green curtains to match the greens on the map, Sarah Span made the green “Trey” on the door, I painted the border and pasted little globes made from the excess of the big map, and Buster watched.
All of you that have given us nursery room items, take a look and see you if can spot yours.
You will need Quicktime to view the “virtual tour” but if you don’t have it you can just a flat image version.

2 thoughts on “Trey’s Room

  1. Carla Smith

    Hello Heidi dear (and William),
    It has been awfully long time since I have written but I have been following you all along the way. You are as beautiful as you have always been and I am so excited for you guys. I am praying for you as this new chapter in your lives unfolds. Thank you fro sharing with all of us. I love you guys.

  2. Jenny Carlson

    Dear William and Heidi:
    Noticed your email came in at 2:55 am. Hmmm…. Sleeping habits chaning???? Trey is beautiful. Thank you for sharing a very personal time with all of us. You both are wonderful parents. Trey is very blessed to have been born into your family. We love you guys and miss you guys. Can’t wait to meet Trey!!!!

    The Carlsons –

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