4D Ultrasound Video

As cool as a 4D Ultrasound is, I think I could accurately say that 75% of the images it provides are quite disturbing. Being able to see the baby’s skeletal structure and slice him up into cross sections isn’t always pretty. The song I used with the footage I shot of the ultrasound captures that feeling very well. At first it is confusing and freakish but then as time goes by it turns into something quite beautiful. So bear with the first 40 seconds of “headache music” (to quote the great Shane McBride) for the payoff.

Music by Aphex Twin

2 thoughts on “4D Ultrasound Video

  1. Jim Barrett

    Thanks for sharing Trey with us. We feel part of the process with all the technology. We can hardly wait to Trey arrives.

  2. Wes, Jenn & Owen

    Incredible! I love how you can see his face so clear…he looks cute & brilliant. Looking at his hands in the video I was reminded of the Isaac Newton quote, "In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence."
    Thanks for sharing with us some of the most incredible "unseen" work of God.
    -Grace & peace

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