14 thoughts on “Watch the Announcement Video: I+I=III

  1. Kathy Dunaj

    that was so beatiful it brought tears to my eyes. It was truly amazing as is the new life that you now carry. Congratulations and God bless!!

    kat d sella
    PS the pictures from haiti were awesome!!!

  2. Victor

    I’m gonna have to go with Kathy on this one, I’m glad I watched that in my house b/c you definately had my eyes leaking. Congratulations and my best wishes to you guys and your family!!

  3. Ed and Celeste Crowe

    We are all happy for you and the coming new addition. We are also thrilled for your (Heidi) parents "soon to be grandparents".
    God bless you all!

  4. Mary & Tom Rasmussehn

    Hey Bright Eyes
    congradulations………..Heidi and William……….I am very happy for you both. Being a parent is the hardest and best job in the world.

  5. Nathan & Barbara Nordlund

    I thought that heart looks suspiciously like an embryo on the cover. . . . .

    Fantastic! We are so happy for both of you but especially for the little one growing inside of you Heidi. . . that kid is going to have some fantastic parents.

    Thanks for sending the incredible video and letting us share in your journey.

    Woo woo baby!
    Nathan and Barbara

  6. Jennifer Kang

    [Jennifer comes home from work, enters kitchen]
    Martin: "Hi."
    Jennifer: "Hi."
    Martin: "How was your day?"
    Jennifer: "Slow."
    Martin: "You got something from my mom."
    Jennifer: "That’s not from your mom; it’s from William."
    Martin: "Funny, his handwriting looks just like my mom’s."
    Jennifer: "I don’t know what it is. He didn’t tell me he was sending anything. [Tearing envelope open] It’s a DVD. I’ll watch it later."
    Jennifer: "Oh my God! I can’t believe he didn’t tell me! I was just there! I just saw him!" [Calling William several names under her breath]
    Rachel: "Maybe he’s telling everybody this way."
    Jennifer" "Yea, that’s just like him to do that. What a nut."
    So there’s a lesson for you guys…your kids are always smarter and quicker on the uptake than you are. Congratulations! And, nice work on the DVD!

  7. Laurie Pulido

    William and Heidi – Congratulations on the little one coming soon! Beautiful announcement! Incredible tribute to your roots – and as usual very, very unique and creative!

  8. Nancy Doolittle

    Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful announcement with me. I can’t wait to watch this production unfold.

    God Bless all three of you.

  9. ai ball

    (one evening watching the dvd)
    nick:oh i know what it is but i’m not gonna say it
    (while watching the family tree being drawn from jensens fam.photos)
    ai:oh my gosh! kenny’s getting married!
    (because the envelop just had an address somewhere in fla.)

    (the video goes on and heidi and william are praying in front of a christmas tree)
    nick:see, at the beginning on the menu page, it said
    REproduction, so…
    ai:oh, oh… i get it WOW that is wonderful

    Congratulations william and heidi

  10. Dawn Waechter

    Wow!!! I have never seen anything like this! Congratulations!!!!! I am blessed to have been included in this Beautiful, creative & awesome announcement of God’s precious and beautiful gift to you two!! I look forward to the updates and share in the Awe and wonderment of His incredible gift of life to the two of you!!
    You are in my prayers!
    Thank for sharing!
    Dawn Waechter : )

  11. Anna Erickson (Vanderaa)

    Congratulations Heidi and William on your up coming baby! I liked your announcement! I will be praying for you and hope that both of you will be blessed and that Heidi will be protected throughout the pregnancy!

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