Trey takes some pictures of his own at the motocross event

Motocross: The Evolution of Freestyle

This past weekend I shot a motocross event for the Macon Centreplex and Heidi and Trey were able to come along. It was a tour sponsored by Yamaha that features stunts by BMX and dirt bike riders.

Heidi isn’t a big fan of motorcycles (due to the motorcycle trauma cases she deals with on a regular basis at the hospital) but Trey sure did love them. He did get a little nervous and covered his eyes when they started doing backflips!

One thought on “Motocross: The Evolution of Freestyle

  1. Sarah Span

    Again, for anyone that is not a FB friend of yours or Heidi’s and has not seen these pictures, I love the photo of Heidi and Trey raising his hand. It still makes me laugh! I don’t know what is more genius… Heidi’s stern look or Trey’s glorious hand raise.

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