Imagine It! Atlanta Children’s Museum

Allister Lowery at the Atlanta Children's MuseumI drove Trey to Atlanta to meet up with his friend who is a girl Allister Lowery. He was so excited about seeing her that when I told him we’d stop at Chic-fil-a to play on the playground he said “No! Go see Allister!”

Trey has visited a couple other children’s museums (St. Pete, Macon, and Richmond) but the Atlanta Children’s Museum is by far the best. Since the first Tuesday of every month is a free day it was pretty crowded but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Trey plays with building blocks at the Atlanta Children's MuseumTrey jumped from one entertainment center to another: toy trains, an insane ball machine contraption, building blocks, water area, grocery store, and farm. He and Allister even calmed down for a while to watch the mini-musical “Hawthor’s Dragon” (though Trey insisted the dragon was a dinosaur).

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