Suri’s 8th Birthday Party

Trey’s friend Suri invited up to Macon for her 8th birthday party. Trang, her mom, made an impressive Barbie princess cake for the occasion. They also had an impressive feast of Vietnamese food for everyone to enjoy. We all left with our bellies about to burst!

Fighting Bad Guys in Cordele

Trey has a neighborhood girl friend who goes to his school and is quite the tomboy. She loves fighting imaginary bad guys with him (often in costume) and playing superheroes. She comes over some school day afternoons and they have a blast running around the yard together. They took these photos themselves one afternoon this week.



Tracing Transformers

Trey loves the old 1980s Transformers show and often makes Lego creations that transform like the characters. On a recent visit to McKay Used Book Store in Chattanooga, Heidi picked up a book that teaches kids how to draw the actual characters from the old show. Trey loves that when he uses tracing paper on the images his resulting drawing looks exactly like the REAL deal.

Tracing Transformers

8 Years Ago Today

It’s hard to believe that 8 years ago today we heard the quiet but steady heartbeat of our son. He has grown so much, yet that heart continues to beat steadily – every minute of every day. What a miracle! Our Creator God is so great and so full of grace!