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Videos of and about Trey

Robot Dog

robot-dog-designTrey’s teacher gave them a project to work on at home. The assignment was to build a robot but they could only use existing materials. Trey decided to make a robot dog.

He got some plywood and wires from our neighbors, used an old skateboard’s wheels underneath, an empty OJ bottle as the head, a shoebox inside, a slinky as the tail, and duct all over the thing.

The kids at school loved it and Trey was very proud pulling it to school by its T1 leash.

Halloween 2013

Halloween started off with me picking Trey up in my morph suit at school. The other kids went bonkers when they saw me. It really made Trey’s day (and theirs).

We attended our church’s fall festival and Trey dressed up as Boba Fett from Star Wars. After playing games at church we went trick-or-treating in around our neighborhood. It was actually the first time we’ve ever done that and Trey really liked it. There were a couple houses that went overboard with zombies and scary stuff but they were polite about not terrorizing the young kids.

And here’s a short clip of Trey making a very absurd comment. Even he can’t keep a straight face.

Sunday Afternoon Reading

Heidi and I like to take Sunday afternoon naps (we’re getting old) but Trey resists. We’ve found a compromise where we let him read books quietly in his room while we nap. It gets him to sit still and relax a bit and – of course – a little reading never hurt any child. Here’s a video clip I snuck of him reading to himself.

Dora’s Birthday Party

Dora, little sister of Trey’s friend & classmate Suri, invited us over to their place for her birthday party. It was a fun time with a not-so-Vietnamese piƱata and very-American cake.