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Pictures of Trey and his adventures

Trey Photos: Church Friends

Trey took his camera to Awanas at church one day. Here are some of his pals.

Robot Dog

robot-dog-designTrey’s teacher gave them a project to work on at home. The assignment was to build a robot but they could only use existing materials. Trey decided to make a robot dog.

He got some plywood and wires from our neighbors, used an old skateboard’s wheels underneath, an empty OJ bottle as the head, a shoebox inside, a slinky as the tail, and duct all over the thing.

The kids at school loved it and Trey was very proud pulling it to school by its T1 leash.

Trey Photos: Turner Park

Heidi and Trey took a walk to the park and Trey had his camera. These are a few of his favorite playground structures there.

Trey Photography: Around the Neighborhood

Trey’s pulled out our old digital camera and started taking photos again. Here are some shots of his from around our neighborhood.

To the Fair!

It’s that time again! Time for the Georgia National Fair in Perry. We took Trey on the opening night (cheaper tickets and cheaper all-rides armband). We walked through the photos exhibit to find that William had 5 first place prizes, a best in show and several other ribbons. Heidi had one 2nd place prize (after William was first in the category). We then took Trey to enjoy the rides. We unexpectedly met up with one of Trey’s friends, Dylan, who joined us for the remainder of the night. Finally, we met up with our friends the Crosbys and the Yawns. Trey loved the rides, but mommy realized her stomach didn’t like them nearly as much. The night ended with a beautiful and loud fireworks display!

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Mommy’s 34th Birthday

After Trey and I spent the afternoon at the Legoland Discovery Center, we went to see our friends Rachel and Allister Lowery. We enjoyed pizza together, then Rachel surprised Mommy with a homemade chocolate cake for her birthday (just a couple days away).  On the actual birthday, we used a gift card for a local restaurant and enjoyed a meal out together. Mommy likes to celebrate her birthday with her two favorite boys!

Mommy's 34th Birthday

Mommy's 34th Birthday