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2nd Sunday, April 2010

Every second Sunday, Macon holds a free concert downtown at Washington Park. The second Sunday in April was a special one as they not only had a concert by the Laura Reed Band, but they had the annual Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby.

Riverview City Park

Riverview Park in Macon, GAWhile not nearly as ambitious as our State Park project, Trey and I have been slowly making our way around to all of Macon’s city parks. This little recreational area is tucked away in a neighborhood on the north side of town – we accidentally found it when visiting a friend in that neighborhood.

The park is basically just a small playground but that is all a 3-year-old needs. We ran around and played and I got to experiment a bit more with my off-camera flash tricks.

Cherry Blossom Festival Pics

20100321-whaun-2010-cherry-blossom-0225I’m a bit late getting these up but here they are – photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival held a couple weeks ago. We didn’t attend nearly as many events as we did last year (I was busy preparing for the Mulberry St. Art Festival) but we did get to the fairgrounds at Central City Park at least once and we watched the big parade downtown. You can see some more of my parade photos on my web site.

20100321-whaun-2010-cherry-blossom-0362Trey really enjoyed watching the parade – the highlight of the parade were our sister cities’ floats – Ulyanovsk, Russia and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Our visit to the fairgrounds was a bit of a disappointment because they were no longer selling the Unlimited Rides passes. The money we had “budgeted” for Trey to enjoy got him about 7 rides instead of the infinite number we had hoped for. Nonetheless, we spread the rides out and he enjoyed them just as much.

Cherry Blossom Festival Kick-off

Friday kick started our town’s big, pink, annual event – the Cherry Blossom Festival! We skipped the opening ceremonies, but Saturday we headed down to Central City Park to meet up with our friends the Crosbys. Trey and his best buddy Causey had a great time watching the 200+ motorcycles pull into the park.

Later in the afternoon I had to attend a reception at City Hall so Trey stayed at Causey’s house. Causey’s dad Adam took them to another nearby park to watch the annual Cherry Blossom lawnmower race. Only in Georgia!


2nd Sunday Brunch w/ The Ralph Roddenbery Band

20100314-whaun-2nd-Sunday-Ralph-Roddenbery-This week was the first 2nd Second Brunch to be held outdoors since the last one we attended. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the low 60s and there was a decent turnout for the show. Heidi was working today so it was just Trey and me picnicking in the park.

Performing on this fine day was The Ralph Roddenbery Band. Ralph is a local singer/songwriter whose music is a mix of country, rock, blues, and Americana. Trey danced a bit to the music but was most interested in running around and playing in the little streams and ponds throughout Washington Park.

Special thanks to Marike Carrier for sharing the photo to the right!

2nd Sunday Brunch w/ Molly Stevens & Shane Bridges

Started just a few years ago by the College Hill Corridor Commission, the “Second Sunday Brunch” is an event held at Washingon Park in downtown Macon. Each month a musician/band performs and people come with picnic lunches to watch the show and enjoy the park. The park is one of Macon’s best; especially for kids. A man-made stream winds through the park and children love to play in it and the shallow pools.

Today was our first time to attend and we had a blast. The weather was still warm and Trey loved playing in the water. Performing were local artists Molly Stevens and Shane Bridges.