Bike Ride at GA Industrial Children’s Home

Trey’s been getting better and better on his bike so we’ve been doing more “off road” riding. I recently took him to one of our favorite stomping grounds, the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home. I’m planning a maternity photoshoot there with a client in a few days and wanted to check the light & landscaping out […]

Up in Virginia

Trey has been up in Virginia this week with my parents. Normally I’d say it’s been quiet around here in his absence, but a pipe burst in one of our walls and the subsequent water damage has caused a lot of racked. We’ve had three giant fans and two industrial dehumidifiers running 24hours a day […]

Our Little Landscape Photographer

We were enjoying a beautiful winter day at the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home and I was taking some pictures (as usual). I had my camera on a tripod and Trey insisted on taking a photo himself. This is the shot he made – of course, I took some liberties with it in post-production, but the […]

Umbrella Shoemount Goodness

One of the prizes I won at the GA Nat’l Fair was a $50 gift certificate to a local camera shop. Trey and I visited the shop and I picked out a little camera accessory called an “umbrella shoemount”. It is an adaptor of sorts that lets you take your flash off you camera and […]

Photo Session at the Children’s Home

It was a beautiful autumn day so we headed over to the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home to run around. I’ve got some friends who are engaged and asked me to take photos for them, so I was really out doing  “location scouting” with Heidi and Trey as my models.

Bye Bye Forest

One of our favorite places to go for walks is the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home just a few miles from us. We found out about its great hiking trails from a Georgia mountain biking website. They have a forest farm with hundreds of acres of pines in perfectly symmetrical rows. Trey and I even made […]