A Day in D.C.

Trey on the Mall in D.C.Right after the New Year, Trey and I headed up to southeast Maryland to see my brother David and his wife Brittany. Since they only live about an hour away from D.C., Trey and I took drove up to the closest Metro and took the train to the Mall. We visited the Vietnam War, Lincoln, ┬áKorean War, and Great War memorials. Then we toured the Smithsonian’s National Museums of American History and Natural History.

Trey’s favorite things were the Lincoln Memorial and the Museum of Natural History. He really enjoyed the Q?rius interactive exhibit and the hall of Mammals.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural HistoryOne of the funniest moments of the day was when we were eating our lunch in a restaurant. I told Trey that the White House was only a few blocks away and suddenly he was on the lookout for the president. He would say “I think that’s Obama” in an urgent, hushed voice every time an African-American man that walked in wearing a suit. I had to explain that if the president did indeed visit our humble establishment, it would be with quite a bit of fanfare.

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