5K Graduation

Hard to believe Trey has graduated from kindergarten! The little guy is almost 6 years old and just a couple days after his birthday he’ll be starting 1st grade.

His preschool 5K class had a program for all the parents on the second to last day of school. They showed a slideshow with photos of all the kids and then they did a short musical about camping. Trey was very excited about a couple of the songs (in particular one about disgusting camp food). For most of the program he sang directly to me and Heidi and didn’t even look at the teacher conducting. Another funny thing he would do is not sing the main lyrics but instead sing the backup vocals on the CD that accompanied them.

My parents were in Tennessee for the week and made the trip down with Philip for the day to attend the graduation ceremony. Trey was excited to get to build Legos with this grandaddy and we ended the day with a delicious meal at Pho Saigon, Macon’s best ethnic restaurant.