Lego Jackpot!

There are a couple things I regularly check Craigslist for: camera gear, mountain bikes, and Legos. When the Legos do occasionally show up, they are always way over-priced.

This past week I was perusing the Toys listings and saw “Aquaraiders $75” listed. Just that day, Trey had mentioned to me that there was another Lego underwater series (the current one is “Atlantis”) that was called Aqua Raiders. I checked the ad out and thought they were selling one set for that price. Then I realized they were selling the entire collection for that price! Too good to be true, right?

Nope, I called the number and it was a nice lady whose college-aged son was getting rid of his old toys. He had the entire collection in near mint condition and only wanted $75! Trey and I jumped in the car and went and got it right away. I looked online and the rare collection goes for almost $800! Holy moly! JACKPOT!

Trey has had a blast on his spring break working on assembling it all.

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