Tennessee Aquarium

After touring the Hunter Museum of American Art‘s three buildings, we grabbed a quick sandwich lunch at our car and then walked over to the Tennessee Aquarium. It has been nearly 12 years since Heidi and I visited that museum on one of our first dates. That time we stayed  with my high school friend Billy Byerly up on Lookout Mountain at Covenant College and went downtown during the day. This time we stayed in a cheap motel, but we did get to see Heidi’s cousins Jeremy and Natalie who are both Covenant students.

Trey was quite excited to get to the aquarium after seeing a couple hours worth of art over at the Hunter. He was fascinated by the scuba divers that did a presentation while in the tank. Trey does a pretty hilarious re-enactment of their talk that includes the microphone cut outs & hisses when they take breaths.

In addition to seeing both the fresh water and salt water aquarium buildings, we walked across the street to see a 3D IMAX movie. When Heidi and I visited the IMAX in college we saw a very cheesy 3D dinosaur movie. The best thing about it was keeping the 3D glasses and taking silly photos with them on (see below).

The film was Under the Sea 3D and was really good. It seems my favorite 3D movies have been documentaries (see Werner Herzog’s The Cave of Forgotten Dreams) – the 3D helps convey a much better sense of what being in an actual space is like. The crisp images and depth of field in Under the Sea was amazing. Even Jim Carrey’s narration was good – I was dreading that a bit when I saw his name in the opening credits.